AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs

AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs each measure 5-3/16 x 3-1/8 inches (132 x 80mm)

for use in the SaturnSlide™ Stereo Viewer or the AccessZ Enhanced King Inn Stereo Viewer

Stereographic images have been around nearly as long as two-dimensional photographs, but AccessZ has taken the science of stereography to an unprecedented level.

What makes AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs so unique?


Countless hours of research and study have been invested across more than 20 years to satisfy an obsession with achieving unparalleled  image clarity - to produce images so lucent, so devoid of any hint of the underlying medium, that we can easily forget we are looking at a reproduction of the actual scene.  In two-dimensional art this is known as plasticity.

Every controllable variable affecting image clarity had to be identified and field techniques perfected such that the "building blocks" of the image, as seen in the final view, are at least half again as small as can be resolved by the average adult with healthy vision.  We simply are not capable of seeing sharper images than these.

In October of 2000, techniques developed over many years of working within the confines of two-dimensional photographs were successfully merged with stereography.  The fruit of this passion for plasticity can be seen in every stereograph produced by AccessZ. 


The finest equipment currently offered for this format is used in the creation of AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs.  Laser rangefinders and a sonic measuring tape are meticulously employed to measure camera-to-subject distances for each shot.  A programmable calculator is used with the measured distances and other variables to translate the geometry of the scene into camera settings that will aesthetically reproduce the subject space within the stereo viewer while imparting the plasticity that can only come with high resolution, extreme depth of field, precluded diffraction,  generous tonal gradations, and the absence of visible grain.

Focusing is itself done with great precision, using the laser rangefinder or sonic measuring tape to verify the focus is set to a calculated optimum distance for each scene.  Heavy, solid camera mounts are used to deter image degradation due to camera movement.  Well-honed techniques for in-camera contrast control are applied when needed to elevate shadows in scenes with excessive luminance ranges. Mounting of views is done using vernier calipers, under magnification at a light table, to carefully measure relative distances of homologous points in each chip to the surrounding mask borders.  This ensures that there is absolutely no yaw, no height disparity, and no chance of an on-film deviation that would be uncomfortable to view.

All of these processes were developed to provide consistent, reproducible control of the variables affecting stereographic image quality.  To our knowledge, this precision stereography is available from only one source:  AccessZ.

and Patience

Every controllable variable affecting  both 2D and 3D image quality, is painstakingly addressed in a multi-step process that averages about 20 minutes of setup time for each new subject.  Some shots, especially those requiring  artificial lighting, have taken longer than an hour to assemble. The mounting of each view can take several minutes and is made tedious by our intolerance for error.  Adhering to a weakest-link-in-the-chain strategy requires an unfaltering commitment to quality, but produces the very finest 3D images available.

We wouldn't do it any other way.  

Our high-resolution stereographs have prompted many unsolicited comments like these:

bullet "I have never seen anything like this before!"
bullet "I feel like I'm standing there..."
bullet "I could spend an hour just looking at this one view!"
bullet "Not only is this in 3D, it's sharper than any pictures I've ever seen."
bullet "This is the closest I think I've ever been to having an 'out-of-body' experience."
bullet "It's like looking out through a very clean window..."
bullet "I can actually see better in here than I can in person." 
bullet And the most common initial reaction:  "Wow!"

Read about the SaturnSlide™  or AccessZ Enhanced King Inn stereo viewers used to view our stereographs, see the reviews we've received or contact AccessZ for more information!


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