bullet October 19, 2013

No news is good news?  Maybe so, but I've outdone myself in neglecting this page.  So what's been happening?  I've stopped counting, but my conservative estimate is that I've now sold about 400 medium format stereo views, mostly to a small number of patrons who already have medium format stereo viewers, an unfortunate prerequisite, given that MF viewers have become exceedingly rare.  In the rush to all things digital, even the medium format mounts are currently unobtainable (but I'm sitting on a huge stash).

My most recent sale was a King Inn viewer and four views to a friend of a friend who collects photographic fine art but had never seen the likes of medium format stereography.  Previously, I sold a an Anatoly Zaya-Ruzo viewer and seven of my views, followed later by four more views, to an enthusiastic patron of many arts - as evidenced by her museum-like home.  Her appreciation for stereography is among the highest of anyone I've ever met.  Thank you Wendy (and Max)!

The infrequent sales seem to fall in my lap, as I've become very apathetic about selling, in part due to the lack of viewers, but I'd much rather use my limited time shooting 3D for pleasure than shooting for clients or beating the sidewalk, so to speak.  The weather has finally cooled enough here in Texas to get back out there. 

Long live 120-format transparency films!    (By the way, to date, I've yet to purchase a digital camera of any kind for my own use.  I have an aging 6MP Canon S3 IS that was my dad's hand-me-down - it suffices for web and email snapshots.)

bullet November 1, 2005

I've neglected this page for over two years!   Here's the short version:   My fine art sales are now approaching 100 views, many of which have been sold to two wonderful people who not only fit the classic definition of the word "patron", but have also extended a great deal of encouragement and support, affirming my passions with their own, and much more.   Thank you Sal and Mart!

bullet September 11, 2003

The anniversary of a tragic event brought a relatively trivial bit of good news:   Ben Breard of The AfterImage Gallery sold a SaturnSlide viewer and a single stereo view to a San Antonio collector who also purchased an Ansel Adams print.  For real!  Ask Ben!  (The AA print cost a lot more than the stereo view, no doubt.)  The view he selected was:

"Bald Cypress Bayou 3"

bullet July 3, 2003

With an open invitation from the proprietor to exhibit at The AfterImage Gallery whenever I wish to return, I have temporarily removed my work for use in another project.  

bullet November 9, 2002

Well that took awhile!  It's been four months since the first sale at The AfterImage Gallery, but a physician from Ft. Worth has shown his appreciation for fine-art stereographs, purchasing a SaturnSlide™ cherry wood viewer for only one view:

"The Merry-Go-Round Operator"

bullet July 20, 2002

A two-week trip to Alaska precipitated acceptance of an additional 17 stereo views at the The AfterImage Gallery. 

bullet July 8, 2002

First sale at The AfterImage Gallery after only two weeks on display:  A German collector purchased a SaturnSlide™ stereo viewer and four of Mike's fine-art stereographs: 


"Mister J.J. at Sunset"

"Bald Cypress Bayou 3"

"Hoar Frost, Clingman’s Dome"

bullet May 30, 2002

Several of Mike Davis' fine-art stereographs were accepted by The AfterImage Gallery of Dallas, Texas.


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