The AccessZ Portfolio

An AccessZ Portfolio consists of one or more

AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs

and as many

SaturnSlide™ Stereo Viewers   or  King Inn Stereo Viewers

as you require to illustrate your talent.

Why is the AccessZ Portfolio such an effective exhibition tool?

It's Uncommon

Your prospective clients will be fascinated by this very natural, three-dimensional representation of your work.  Most of us have two eyes, not one, and you work in three dimensions, not two.  Using traditional 2D photography to document our creativity is exceedingly common.  Let your clients enjoy the wonderfully uncommon experience of viewing AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs.  Your presentations will be unforgettable.

It's Captivating

AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs are enchanting, even irresistible!  It is not unusual to see people literally clinging to the viewer for fear that you or someone else will pull it away before they're ready.  While they are savoring the details of a very realistic 3D example of your talent, you'll have their attention - all of it.  You will have taken them to your world and they'll be eager to hear what you have to say about your work.

It's Empowering

Nothing else can come closer to allowing your clients to feel as if they are literally standing in front of your product without actually being there.  An AccessZ Portfolio is so convincing, so "life-like", it empowers your clients' imagination, allowing them to easily envision what you can produce for them. 

It's Portable

At your office or your clients', in your home or theirs, at trade shows or seminars, in a taxi or on an airplane, or even in the parking lot of your gym or grocery store, you can "transport" anyone to your world no matter where you are!  An AccessZ Portfolio is the ultimate in portable, self-contained presentation tools.  Don't forget to bring your business cards.

It's Unprecedented

The probability is extremely low that your clients have ever seen anything approaching the quality of AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs.  In their quest to capture accurate perspective and the nuances of light and shadow, the Dutch painters Pieter de Hooch and Jan Vermeer were noted for using brush strokes so fine they were undetectable at normal viewing distances.  Their goal was to produce images that were, in a word, believable, and the avoidance of any 'signature' style to their brushwork was mandatory.  This was seen at the time as a somewhat self-effacing characteristic of their paintings, but has since only proven to bring great attention to their skill.   AccessZ's stereographs evidence a strong concurrence with de Hooch and Vermeer - in the objectives sought and in the development and adherence to techniques that meet those objectives.  We don't expect to receive the esteem garnered by the Dutch masters, but AccessZ does share an undeniable kinsman ship in the ideals pursued.  Our techniques deliver stereographic views of unprecedented quality.

It's an AccessZ Portfolio!

Read about the AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs we can produce for the SaturnSlide™  or AccessZ Enhanced King Inn stereo viewers, see the reviews we've received, or contact AccessZ for more information!


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