Several people have asked why we don't exhibit "higher quality" samples of our stereo pairs here at this site. 

The answer is simple:   That which makes AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs so extraordinary can not be appreciated in a stereo pair displayed on a computer monitor. 

In fact, we believe that many talented stereographers do themselves a disservice by presenting their work with formats that degrade the quality they've worked so hard to achieve. At 72 dots per inch, a computer monitor just doesn't have the resolution necessary to convey the extremely fine detail and tonal gradations captured in AccessZ's High-Resolution Stereographs.  The plasticity we've spent so many years perfecting can not be conveyed using today's computer monitors.

Some day perhaps, when the average Internet user is equipped with a 21-inch monitor and video board that can deliver a resolution of 6000x4800 pixels (at 360dpi instead of 72dpi) they will be able to view stereo pairs of 2980x2980 pixel images that approximate the image size and resolution you can enjoy today in a SaturnSlide™ Stereo Viewer equipped with AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs.

AccessZ vigorously avoids other commonly used formats that degrade the viewing experience, including polarized projection and two-color anaglyphs - neither of which can wholly prevent information intended for one eye from being seen by the other eye.  This failing goes against everything we've worked so hard to accomplish and indeed, have delivered in our stereographs. 

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