The King Inn Stereo Viewer

AccessZ Enhanced King Inn Stereo Viewer with Original Lenses

The King Inn 3D viewer is a less expensive alternative to the SaturnSlide™ Stereo Viewer.  An optional achromatic lens upgrade is available for the King Inn viewer to give it the superb optical performance of the SaturnSlide™ viewer, with only a slight loss in magnification. 

Without the optional lens upgrade, we consider a King Inn equipped with its original single-element glass lenses to offer performance that is just as good a value, relative to its price.  Without question, the King Inn, with either set of lenses, can make possible many unforgettable presentations of your talent. 

All King Inn 3D viewers offered by AccessZ have been modified to enlarge the field of view and reduce internal glare.  We offer these enhancements exclusively to our stereography clients.

Read about the AccessZ High-Resolution Stereographs we can produce for your viewer, see the reviews we've received or contact AccessZ for more information!

*  "SaturnSlide" is a trademark of Alan Lewis, the viewer's designer and manufacturer.


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