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bullet Excerpt from 3D Photo Event Report, Yahoo!® Groups Photo-3d, Message ID 8689, March 19, 2001

    by Paul Talbot, owner of Rocky Mountain Memories

A definite highlight of the day was having the opportunity to meet Photo-3D 'math maven' Mike Davis and to view his medium format 3D slides.  The images he showed in his SaturnSlide viewer were so stunning that they grabbed firm hold of my eyeballs and refused to let them go!  I could scarcely stand to hand the viewer to the next person waiting in line!  In about 5 years of being involved with stereo photography I have seen many thousands of stereo slides:  from having visited several clubs, viewing 'Hall of Fame' and other PSA loaner sets, SSA folio images, NSA stereo theater shows, medium format folios and expos, and private exchanges.  Viewing Mike's photos on Saturday, I thought I had slipped briefly into a 'parallel universe' where the quality of 3D imaging exceeds anything I had ever imagined possible.  During the three hour drive home this morning my head was still spinning in wonder at the quality of those chromes.  Mike is very humble about the 'artistic' skill that he adds to his highly refined technical ability, but I can say his photos show he has a very fine photographic eye to complement his near total mastery of the science of photography.


bullet Excerpt from Re: 3D Photo Event Report, Yahoo!® Groups Photo-3d, Message ID 8704, March 19, 2001

   by Alan Lewis, designer and manufacturer of the SaturnSlide™  Medium Format Slide Viewer

I can attest that this is completely true!  I had to scrape his [Paul Talbot's] eyeballs off the lenses myself.   Mike's images were stunning to say the least.   Both my wife and I were taken in by them.  It sure gives me something to shoot for with my own images.


bullet Excerpt from Re: NSA Impressions, Yahoo!® Groups Photo-3d, Message ID 11978, July 26, 2001

   by Bruce Rosenberger, Stereographer

I suspect that anyone that had the great fortune to see Mike's slides will never again question his system for taking pictures. It will take a while for all his ideas to sink into my Pennsylvania Dutch brain, but his pictures will stay with me for a long time!


bullet Excerpt from NSA [National Stereographic Association], Yahoo!® Groups Photo-3d, Message ID 11995, July 27, 2001

   by Boris Starosta, Stereographer and Scientific Illustrator, Dynamic Symmetry, LLC

[Among] the most amazing things I saw at the [2001 National Stereographic Association] convention: Mike Davis' MF [Medium Format] stereoviews.  Astonishing beauty and perfect execution - the man is an artist.


bullet Excerpt from Re: Stereobase shootout at high noon, Yahoo!® Groups Photo-3d, Message ID 14013, October 23, 2001

   by David W. Kesner, Exhibition Director for the Photographic Society of America, Dr. Dave's Dimensional Photography

Mike has given us the numbers and numbers don't lie. He has also given us the product and the product is beyond questioning.  As someone who has seen the products of Mike's formulas let me say that you can't argue with perfection. I do not use that word lightly either. His [stereo] images are the most easily viewed and visually stunning I have ever seen.  They just plain don't get any better.

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